Product Details

Over-molded Midsole EVA

The midsole formed by secondary foaming is superior in durability and elasticity to the general EVA midsole, providing cushioning and support that are urgently needed in the sole of the feet during exercise and with excellent elasticity, making it faster and quicker.


The high elasticity shock absorbing material of ENERGYMAX has excellent durability and strength, and it retains its shape well. It is used in footwear-related products to increase the overall support of the shoe. It reduces momentum loss and redirects the momentum towards the next direction.

Radiate Anti-skid Base

Coping with the asterisk steps, the center is the rounded-shape design surrounded by triangular shapes. The radiation pattern provides more grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements. The small lump pattern distribution adds additional grip as the sensor and increases the grip.

Converted breathable tongue

The tongue is designed with breathable mesh to reach the best breathability that can cool more efficiently during exercise. The tongue is composed with flexible material to have higher wrapping and more importantly, prevent getting injured.

Lace fixing

Fixing the lace with tongue and reduce the damage to the foot when sliding left and right.


The U-SHAPE head is suitable for users with more circular shape of foot. It provides a perfect fit for foot leaving a comfortable space by lowering the height above the forefoot and the width of the ankle.