AURASPEED 90K II Coming Back with Better Acceleration and Fast Lane


By Yang Hsuan Chi, Racket R&D Department



Built on the features of the first-generation ARS-90K, ARS-90K II is further equipped with WES2.0 to enable quick recovery, efficient force transmission, and sharper downward angles for attack play. ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM ensures a more stable hitting experience with precise controllability for fast-paced play. The combo of FREE CORE and POWER RING allows for smoother swings and added comfort, as well as assertive shot-making, making ARS-90K II an attack-oriented Speed racket that is not only powerful but also easy and comfortable to play with.



ARS-90K II takes midnight blue as the main tone and is cleverly decorated with lightning motifs and graffiti elements. The translucent front cap and end cap are brought together with a synthetic handle for a complete design that highlights the unique characteristics of ARS-90K II—better acceleration and fast lane.



With WES2.0 and ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM built-in on the inside and a visually impactful design on the outside, ARS-90K II is specifically aimed at players who excel at fast-changing paced games, allowing them to execute skillful attacks with their styles of play, precise control, and strength advantage!