7 Benefits for Women from Playing Badminton

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Women today all should know that the benefits for women of exercise include health, glowing skin and youthful appearance, and trim figure, so some people do aerobics, while those who want to improve their cardio-pulmonary function go cycling; for people who want to get a better figure, yoga is a good choice and, if you want to burn off those bothersome calories, then swimming running and gym workouts do the job,

However, many people don’t know that there is a sport combining all kinds of physical fitness and providing all-round exercise that can give you all the above benefits; the sport is badminton! Below we will explain why women should play badminton.

1. Exercise effect

When you play badminton the muscles of the body will alternately contract and relax in a very short space of time. This is why every stride, backswing and swing can be completed smoothly and you can catch up to a speeding shuttlecock. Without doubt, this kind of exercise uses up energy, while also increasing muscle strength and resilience. Play a competitive game of badminton and you will find that they are covered in sweat in just 10 minutes of play. Want a quick way to get fit? Get together with a few girlfriends and play badminton!

2. Improve your figure

For women who want to lose weight or improve their figure, badminton is the right choice. When we play badminton we naturally move back and forth numerous times, using the muscles of our upper and lower bodies. In particular, when we take a big stride to receive an incoming shot and strike the shuttlecock, these are the times when our leg muscles expand and contract the most and make full use of deep down muscle tissue, achieving a natural figure-shaping effect.

3. Increase metabolism

Badminton improves the cardio-pulmonary function so the body sweats naturally. Through sweating heavily, metabolism is speeded up so the body naturally carries out internal “environmental protection work.” Also, as you sweat heavily, various toxics in the body will metabolize and be expelled, leaving your whole body feeling light and burden free.

4. A sport that requires a deft touch and suppleness

Badminton is a sport that emphasizes skill and agility over brute strength. This is often the reason women chose badminton as their regular sport. Women are lighter on their feet and more agile than men so not only aren’t at a disadvantage when playing men, they actually have an advantage playing badminton, a sport that attaches importance to speed and a deft touch.
Also, when a racket is swung, the power of the lower body, not just the arm, has to be used. This kind of borrowing of power undoubtedly requires a good sense of balance, coordination and suppleness, with respect to all of which women has an advantage over men.

5. Improves appearance

To have skin that has a natural glow and elasticity the body’s ability to de-toxify must be increased. Some players say “Badminton is the most direct kind of skin care” because playing will quickly make a player sweat heavily so that the skin can breathe naturally and the dirt and obstructions in the skin pores are cleaned naturally. When the vital energy and blood are flowing smoothly, your skin will naturally have a healthy glow

6. An elegant sport

Badminton emphasizes coordination, flexibility, correct footwork and precise movements. Even if your opponent delivers a powerful smash, if your footwork and movements are correct, you can use softness to overcome strength and make a deft return.

In addition, because badminton is an indoor sport that is played across a net there is no need for physical contact with your opponent(s), nor will you be burned brown by the sun or have the wind mess up your hair and leave sand in it. Women can play badminton elegantly and without worry, so it’s no wonder that badminton is called “the sport of ladies.”

7. Physical and spiritual relaxation and healthy socializing

No matter if playing as singles or doubles, badminton is a sport that requires a partner(s). Also, as it requires that a court be booked in advance, players are less likely to find an excuse not to engage in regular exercise. No matter if you play with a few friends once a week or are part of a club that visits other clubs to play and mix with other players, badminton is physically and spiritually relaxing and helps you release work stress. Badminton is also a good way to meet friends and to socialize in a healthy way.


After reading of the benefits that playing badminton can have ….ladies, chose a racket that suits you and head for the badminton court to become a healthy and enchanting “badminton sweetheart.”


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