2018-09-28 |

Players Interview

“Championships are in the past. The no.1 ranking won’t stay forever. And records come and go. I don’t chase them. I just do what should be done, as a professional badminton athlete.” It might sound less ambitious than it should coming from one o...

2014-10-23 |

Players Interview

The Top 10 players were almost all the leading players in various country teams at the September Asian Games. Asian Games success does not win any BWF ranking points but the players still did their best to win glory for their country...

2013-04-03 |

Players Interview

Liliyana Natsir became a VICTOR-sponsored player at the end of February; she was one of the five members......

2013-03-08 |

Players Interview

Below let’s find out from our special correspondent what the “people’s brother”-Jung Jae Sung has been up to since retiring from the national team...

2013-01-25 |

Players Interview

To challenge every game with the most initial passion, a real man sweating on the court and his future have infinite possibilities!...

2013-01-17 |

Players Interview

On the court Lee Yong Dae is perfection, but leaving his stardom behind, he is just a neighborhood kid...

2012-12-19 |

Players Interview

VICTOR : Everyone calls you Girl Genius, complimenting your unpredictable plays. How would you describe your plays? Tai Tzu Ying .......

2012-06-07 |

Players Interview

For Cheng Wen Hsing, badminton is a physical memory, it is etched in her mind, is deep in her soul and has an indissoluble connection to her life....

2012-11-13 |

Players Interview

With his Olympic gold medal halo and a handsome face, Lee Yong Dae has many “older sister fans”....