The first rackets in JETSPEED S - JS-8PS vs JS-8ST!

JS-8PS and JS-8ST are painted in bright colors, creating a style that is full of vigor and catches the eye. The JS-8ST is aqua blue, emanating a speed feel like dancing water;the JS-8PS is bright orange, presenting a youthful and energetic image.

The rackets aren’t just attractive, they also feature some new core technology. Let’s now see how these excellent new rackets can improve hand feel when used in actual play.

In 2014 VICTOR has a new speed themed JETSPEED S racket series, with the first rackets in the series to be issued the Super grade double stars JS-8PS and JS-8ST.

The double stars of the 2014 JETSPEED S series, the JS-8PS and JS-8ST, and the BR9602 F racket bag

AERO-SWORO oval and diamond frame

The frames of JETSPEED S rackets combine both diamond and oval shapes;the top half of the frame is diamond shaped , allowing the air to pass by quickly and reducing air resistance when a shot is played;the bottom half is oval, increasing moment of impact stability when the shuttlecock is hit. Merging the features of the two frame shapes increases the strike speed and also increases sensitivity, while at the same time making the whole swing more stable and making control easier.

The top half of the racket is diamond shaped, the bottom oval

10% in enhance recovery from the moment of impact

NANO FORTIFY-Carbon Nano Tube Technology

Nano Fortify is made up of tube shaped carbon molecules, giving carbon fiber great strength. used in making badminton rackets so applying Nano Fortify technology to a racket makes it more able to bear the immense swing power of a good player and allows it to exert a recoil effect after the middle shaft bends, fully converting swing power to shuttlecock-hitting energy, increasing shuttlecock strike explosiveness.


Zxion is a high strength liquid crystal polyester fiber, an exclusive and patented Japanese technology. To increase racket recovery and stability after it is subject to force, VICTOR has applied the horizontal high strength fiber weaving method to the rackets.

On the JS-8ST, Zxion is applied at the 4 and 8 o’clock points on the racket. When tested, the JS-8ST immediately showed its lightness and speed, and the user can feel a reduced wrist burden. Also, the JS-8ST offers increased swing sensitivity, so, when defending, the racket gets in position quicker, thus increasing the quality of counterattacks.

On the JS-8PS Zxion is applied at the 2 and 10 o’clock points. In terms of strike feel, players will find that the JS-8PS offers a high level of stability when a big swing is taken, with the knock on effect increased control, making control of the downward angle and direction of the shuttlecock more precise. In other words, players will feel that they skill level has increased when using the JS-8PS.

After reading to this point everyone must be wondering: "Both the JS-8PS and JS-8ST, premier rackets in the JETSPEED S series look excellent, but which one is best suited to me?”To answer this question VICTOR has compiled a comparison table for the two rackets and we suggest that players choose the best “weapon of the gods” for their own needs in accordance with their playing style and preferences.

10% in enhance recovery from the moment of impact

If you want...
‧Fast swing
‧Effective attacking ability
‧Stability when making big wings

You will love the
Specification Stiffness: S ○●○○○ F
Balance: HH ○○●○○ HL
Hand feel
Zixon position 2 and 10 o’clock points on the frame
Zixon effect Reduces shock and increases shot precision

If you want...
‧Fast swing
‧Strong branch and defense and counter
attacking ability
‧Light and sensitive hand feel

Theis your best partner!
Specification Stiffness: S ○●○○○ F
Balance: HH ○○○●○ HL
Hand feel
Zixon position 4 and 8 o’clock
Zixon effect Elasticity increased, increasing shot speed feel

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