Introduction to the types of badminton string

【Text/Joe】In badminton, shuttlecock striking performance is affected by many factors, the flight characteristics of the shuttlecock, the weight of the racket, its rigidity, string poundage and elasticity of the strings, for example, however, the racket strings, the things that directly come into contact with the shuttlecock the moment it is struck, are certainly the key factor affecting striking performance. Consequently, VICTOR has separated its six string styles into three types: Control, High Resilience and Durability. These three types are introduced below:


Through fine adjustment, the Control type of string can extend the length of time the shuttlecock stays on the racket strings, thus increasing shuttlecock control.VS-850, NS-880ZTI are Control strings.
badminton string VS850
badminton string VS-850
badminton string NS-880
badminton string NS-880 ZTI

High Resilience

High Resilience type string is made using special materials that give better rebound and a solid feel when the shuttlecock is hit. VS-650 and NS-660TI are High Resilience strings.
badminton string VS-650
badminton string VS-650
badminton string NS-660
badminton string NS-660 TI


The special feature of a Durability type string is, as the name suggests, its excellent durabiliy. Through a criss-cross manufacturing method  and special surface abrasion resistance technology, string strength and durability are taken to a higher level, giving continuous attacking power.VS-800、VS-760  are Durability type strings. 
badminton string VS-760
badminton string VS-760
badminton string VS-800
badminton string VS-800
Although different strings are made slightly differently, overall the finer the string is the greater its resilience and elasticity, the thicker they are the more durable they are. It is suggested that when you buy string in future you choose them according to your needs in terms of playing style, muscle strength and racket characteristics; most important is that you have the racket, string and string tension (poundage) combination that best suits your needs, rather than just take price into consideration. Choose the “weapon” that best suit you and then you are ready for your on-court duel! 
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